depression and self-care
Taking care of your mind and body are crucial to fighting depression. Find information and tips here.
physical pain and depression

When Depression Gets Physical

Depression isn't all in your head. It can manifest itself through pain in your back, stomach and muscles. Don't ignore what your body is telling you.

social anxiety and depression

Social Anxiety: It’s Not You, It’s Me

If only communicating about my depression and social anxiety had been this easy 10 years ago. Instead, I acted cagey, bailed on plans at the last minute or simply declined invitations altogether. Given this kind of behavior, I couldn’t blame my friends if they thought I was a total flake ...
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depression and loneliness

The Unbearable Loneliness of Depression

2008 The room is packed with people. The lights come up as the band takes the stage. The lead singer calls out to his hometown, and the crowd is fired up. I feel like I could cry any minute, but don’t know why. Every time I’m jostled by dancing fans, ...
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guilt and depression

Guilt Happens

I sat in the hospital waiting room and felt insurmountable guilt. My husband was sitting beside me, terrified. My mom and sister, who lived 45 minutes away, were weaving through end-of-rush-hour traffic to get to us. As far as emergency room patients went, my exterior looked perfectly fine. No bleeding ...
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depression and lack of support

What to Do When You Lack a Support System

There’s a reason songs like “Lean on Me” and “You’ve Got a Friend” resonate with people. They celebrate a basic human desire to have support, comfort and reassurance. Most of us thrive with the help of others. When times are tough, we look to our friends and family for help ...
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how to be assertive

8 Steps to Being More Assertive (And Why You Need to Start Now)

If you’ve ever walked out of your boss’ office silently wishing you’d had the courage to ask for a raise, or blown up at your partner about being late again, you’re probably also familiar with the subsequent feelings of dissatisfaction, worthlessness or anger. These types of situations happen to all ...
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dealing with a partner's anxiety and OCD

The Anxiety Among Us: How I Deal with My Partner’s Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior

Anxiety has a presence in our apartment. It’s like a third roommate that I tiptoe around. Sometimes, I inadvertently stomp on it, and other times I’m too tired to care. The anxiety beast isn’t mine — my fiancé carries it with him — but we are well-acquainted. My life is ...
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