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5 Mental Health Sites to Check Out

In our search to find trustworthy information about depression and mental health, we came across these sites.

use of antidepressants among men on the rise

Antidepressant Use in Men on the Rise

More men than ever are using antidepressants. A recent report issued by the CDC reviewed antidepressant use among Americans between 2011 and 2014 and found that nearly 9 percent of men said they took antidepressant medication in the past month – almost double the amount that was reported in 1999 ...
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yoga reduces depression symptoms

Depressed? Roll Out the Yoga Mat

Flexibility, general fitness and stress relief are some of the reasons more than 36 million people practiced yoga in the U.S. in 2016. Now, there’s data suggesting the practice may offer even more benefits. Five separate studies presented recently at the 125th annual convention of the American Psychological Association (APA) ...
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Can a healthy diet send depression into remission?

Can Eating Better Send Depression into Remission?

If you have depression, it’s time to swap junk food for actual food. For real, this time. New Study Examines Link Between Diet & Depression TLDR: Unhealthy eaters with moderate to severe depression who switched to a Mediterranean-inspired diet and attended nutritional counseling experienced an improvement in their mood after ...
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more people believe depression is a health problem, not weakness

Study: Most People Now View Depression as Health Issue

What a difference two decades can make. Seventy-three percent of Americans now view depression as a health problem, according to a study by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. That’s almost double the share from 1996, when only 38 percent of people considered depression a health issue. But while these figures ...
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mindfulness group therapy

Therapy: Go Solo or Join the Group?

Sorting it out 1:1 on a therapist’s couch is a proven treatment option for depression and anxiety. But researchers say there may be an equally effective (and cheaper) alternative. According to a study published in European Psychiatry, mindfulness-based group therapy is just as effective as individual cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) ...
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