A resource for 20- and 30-somethings coping with depression and anxiety.

Productivity and Depression

productivity and depression

Productivity and depression usually don't go together, but small steps can lead to more confidence, energy and success.

sleeping helps depression

Sleeping: It's Harder Than You Think

Sleep is crucial to good mental health, but what happens when you can't get proper rest?

depression in the workplace

Depression in the Workplace

Find tips from experts on how to navigate the workplace when you're dealing with depression.

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productivity and depression

Productivity and Depression: Anything is Enough

Home improvement commercials accomplish what they set out to do: Inspire us to take action. The ads conjure that sweet feeling of productivity, when you end the day with the “good tired” feeling. (These commercials are also an honest reminder that I’ll probably never personally install a new toilet or ...
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Succeeding at work with mental illness

Mental Illness at Work: 3 Ways to Succeed

Imagine tomorrow you wake up feeling listless, extremely fatigued, sorrowful and hopeless. Imagine if the day before you were energetic and lively. When you live with a mood disorder, it can make everything – including succeeding at work – feel daunting. It’s a common tale and it’s also my story, ...
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Woebot (Part 2): Wins and Woes

Note: If you missed part one, Woebot is a new chatbot that relies on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help reframe distorted thinking. In addition to tracking a user’s mood, he sends curated videos, word games and other learning tools to help users better understand and manage their emotions, stress ...
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